He Fell From The Sky

This is my very small tribute to a young man who lost his life recently while mustering cattle using a gyrocopter. Yaraka, in Queensland, is a very small and close community so a tragic accident like this affects everyone.

Jack would come into the pub where I am working and eat a couple of icecreams while he was waiting for his drink. When he left he’d take another couple of icecreams with him. I didn’t know Jack like the locals did. This is how I’ll remember him.

So young ….. too young to die

This lanky youth fell from the sky

His body yet to fill out on his bones

And now his life will never be fulfilled

He’ll forever be a young man still.

I’ll remember him for his love of icecream cones.

And as his mates move on and make their history

What Jack’s life would have been will be a mystery.

Vale Jack Joseland. Forever 26 years old.